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How do AcuRest™ work?
AcuRest™ simply tap into your own body's energy source and direct that energy to the nose, throat, and eyes by gentle reflex pressure on the first joint of the thumb and first finger.

Is there a way to tell if AcuRest™ are working?
Yes, when AcuRest™ are applied correctly you will feel a gentle pulse of energy at the sight of each device. Do not over tighten

Do AcuRest™ devices address the cause of snoring or do I have to use them forever?
Relief for snoring may be achieved, in about two to eight months, using the AcuRest™ devices and following the guidelines in this booklet. Results do vary depending on the severity of your snoring problem, your lifestyle and other factors.

Will everyone feel a gentle pulse when AcuRest™ are applied correctly?
No. Persons that have mild to severe neuropathy (for example) may not feel the pulse, but that doesn't mean that the devices are not working.

How long will I have to wear AcuRest™ before they work?
They work immediately, but for some it may take two or three nights use to silence snoring completely, also if you have been sleep deprived for a long time, you may notice that after wearing AcuRest for two weeks you will start to feel better but may resume mild snoring. This is because you are cycling into a deeper state of sleep, and this should go away in a week or two. Continued use provides best results.

I have insomnia and trouble staying asleep; can AcuRest™ help me even though I don't snore?
Yes, most that try AcuRest™ for that problem state that they sleep through the night with the first use. They also felt more energy each day with continued use.

I tried AcuRest™ and for the first night noticed that I was restless. Is this normal?
Athough not normal, it may happen that the changes in energy circulation will create restlessness when used for the first few times. To corrrect this put on the devices a couple of hours before going to sleep for the first few days.

I have asthma - can AcuRest™ help me?
AcuRest™ devices are not intended to cure medical conditions and it is always recommended that you get medical advice for any health problem. That been said there is no danger in using these devices and healthy recuperative sleep will always help your body help itself to heal.

I live alone, so I don't know if I snore but I rarely feel rested when I wake up. Can AcuRest™ help me?
Probably as they are made to promote and support the natural architecture of sleep.

Is there an age limit as to who can use AcuRest™?
Yes, they are recommended for adults and children age thirteen and above. Parents of younger children and babies can simply massage the top of the thumb joints and first finger joints at bedtime.

Can I put AcuRest™ on too tight?
Yes, they won't work correctly if they are too tight or too loose.
See instructions on how to apply AcuRests >>> Here

If my finger changes color, but I feel a pulse, what do I do?
Loosen up the wrap until fingers look normal, but you still feel a gentle pulse. Do not use AcuRest™ if there is any pain or discomfort wearing them.

Do AcuRest™ contain drugs?

Do AcuRest™ contain latex or animal products?

Is there any guarantee that AcuRest™ work?
There is a 30 day no questions asked full money back guarantee. Simply return your purchase to the following address and be sure to include your name, address and phone number.
8745 Technology Way, Suite C, Reno, NV 89521

How long will the AcuRest™ devices work?
If used as per instructions they will work efficiently for about 3-4 months. This is equal to a cost of about only $5 a month.

It is recommended that a new set be purchased within 120 days before stretching reduces efficiency.

I am interested in selling AcuRest™ . How do I contact you?
You can visit our website and fill out an application form or simply email with 'AcuRest Opportunity' in the subject line.

Please Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease including sleep apnea.


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