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"There were noticeable improvement with patients."
Dr. Joseph White M.D.
See Dr. White's clinical trail results Here

"In my 40 years of clinical practice I have come to the conclusion that the closer one gets to the truth the more simplistic the solution. The AcuRest™ aid is simplistic, effective and should be used by anyone who has a snoring problem. I personally have used the AcuRest™ with great results."
Dr. Gerald H. Smith M.D.
CEO International Center for Nutritional Research, Inc.

"For years, I have had trouble staying asleep all night, and could not seem to get in the 'deep sleep'. I started using AcuRest™ in the spring of 2008. I noticed immediately that I was able to fall asleep faster and seemed to stay asleep most of the night. I also have been dreaming more, which I understand is an indication of the 'deep sleep'. The devices are very easy to apply and use, and stay on throughout the night. I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to sleep better and feel more rested in the morning."
Tammy Bell

"I used AcuRest™ for sleep because of pain in my knees and legs. After the first use, I slept through out the night undisturbed by pain and felt better the next morning. I have more energy every day. I would definitely recommend AcuRest™ to anyone with any sleep problem."
Suzanne Phillips
Bank Operations Officer

"I personally used AcuRest™ during deer camp this year. I had great success with AcuRest™ in stopping my snoring that usually keeps my peers awake."
David Kelly

"I have sleep problems and snore at night. When I would spend the night with my sister I would keep her and her family up at night. My sister told me about AcuRest™, so I decided to try it since I was waiting on my CPAP machine to arrive. Thanks to AcuRest™ I feel rested in the morning and when I stay overnight with my sister, everyone, including the dog, gets a good night's sleep."
Pam Turner

"I personally have used the AcuRest™ with great results."
Jim Ellis

"AcuRest brought my husband and I back to the same bedroom again, he complained about me and I complained about him. Now thanks to AcuRest™ strips, we share the same bed and we both can sleep."
Brinda Whitcomb

"According to my husband, my snoring had gotten really bad. In fact, when our 16 month old granddaughter would spend the night with us (sleeping with us) my snoring would wake her up. Sometimes it would take two hours for her to go back to sleep. Thank goodness for AcuRest™. Now I can put on the strips and we all get a good night's sleep."
Lisa Johnson

"I was very skeptical when I first heard about AcuRest Snoring Strips. My husband had tried everything on the market for snoring and nothing worked. I had been sleeping in a bedroom on the opposite end of our house in order to get some sleep at night. Thanks to AcuRest™ we now sleep in the same room in the same bed."
Debbie Sanders

"I tried AcuRest™ and my wife slept good. I didn't have any more AcuRest™ strips. My wife woke me up, asking me 'How come you don't have your strips on?'. I had had to tell her there wern't any more. To make her happy, I had to get more AcuRest™ strips. We both were back to getting a good night's rest. I'm happy when I can please my wife."
Ken Harme

"I have many health problems and was prescribed a CPAP machine. I've never been able to keep the mask on at night; I always pulled it off in my sleep. I tried the AcuRest™ and felt better the first morning after. I wear them every night now and feel so much better, I feel rested and I don't even have to wake up to urinate any more."
Tim Carter

"I tried AcuRest™ because I don't know if I snore, but I never feel rested when I wake up. After the first night I was amazed at how much better I felt. In two weeks I felt totally rejuvenated."
Sadie Bell

"I was in an auto accident 5 years ago, and my wife complained that afterward I started snoring so loudly that she couldn't sleep. I tried the AcuRest™ and they work like magic. When I wear them I don't snore, when I don't wear them, my wife can't sleep because I snore. I'd have to say I feel better when I wear them."
Scott Newton

"Amazing! I put AcuRest on and went to sleep. I got a comfortable night's rest because my snoring did not wake me up. My wife is happy too!"
John Brandon

"I have pain in my hip and was unable to sleep through the night. When I started wearing AcuRest™ I started sleeping through the night and felt good the next day."
Roosevelt Felton

"I couldn't sleep and had pain all over. I wore AcuRest™ and I slept all night. I felt 100% better the next morning, and all of my pain was gone. I will continue to wear them because they have helped me more than any medicine. I have so much energy every day."
Rosie Mae Felton

"I was on oxygen twenty-four hours a day. I used AcuRest™ and felt much better in two weeks. I continued to wear AcuRest™ and improved every day. I only use oxygen now when I walk long distances. They 'saved' my life."
John Norris

"My husband had insomnia and choking spells day and night. He didn't get sleepy until 2:30 - 3:00 am and when he went to sleep he snored and gasped for breath. He had to get up at 5:00 am for work; he was too exhausted to work. I gave him AcuRest™ to try. The choking spells stopped immediately, and his sleep time got earlier each night. After two weeks, he was going to sleep at 10:00 pm and slept without snoring or gasping, and without waking until 5:00 am. He said he feels like a new man and that he will always wear AcuRest™ to help him sleep."
Samantha Morgan, R.N.

"I have been diagnosed with a spinal problem and didn't sleep well. The first night that I wore AcuRest™, I slept good all night and felt very rested in the morning. My energy level was better the next day also."
Lucille Humphrey

"I was unable to sleep through the night, and was also unable to work. I had applied for disability, and then I was given AcuRest™ to try. I slept good the first night, and continued wearing them, and after two weeks I was able to go back to work."
Mark Humphrey

Please Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease including sleep apnea.

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