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Testimonial of Inventor

At age thirty I was a wife and mother to three young children when I sustained a severe whiplash injury, which reversed the natural curve of my cervical spine. I was hospitalized and given traction but I never felt as well as before the accident. If I sat still for ten to fifteen minutes, I became frozen in that position and when I stood up to walk I felt severe pain all over; even in my arms and hands.

At age thirty-six, I was diagnosed with a rare arthritis of the spine and fibromyalgia and was told by a rheumatologist that I would have to take medication for the rest of my life.

Being told I would have to live my life with pain and stiffness did not give me much hope and the pills I took made me feel even worse. Even the muscles around my chest and lungs had contracted, making it hard and painful to breathe.

A few days later I was in pain and crying. My youngest son came to me and said; 'Here mother read this and it will help you'. He handed me a book on Hand Reflex Therapy that my grandmother had left me years ago. I had glanced through this book before and thought it sounded too good to be true, but accepted it anyway with hugs and kisses. My son's words; "It will help you", touched me deeply and motivated me to see what, if anything, this therapy could do. Being unable to hold the book up, I propped it up on a pillow. But I could only read two or three chapters at a time because my severe pain and stiffness seemed to distort my concentration and ability to comprehend.

Even my brain felt stiff! As I was reading, I decided out of desperation, that I had to prove or disprove whether or not Reflex Therapy could relieve the pain. In one of the chapters it was explained how to stop throat pain. So when I woke up one week later with a severe sore throat and could hardly swallow anything, I was eager to put this science to the test. Using the book, I did the recommended massage therapy on my right hand. Like magic, the pain quickly disappeared on the right side of my throat. I did the same massage on my left hand, and had the same response on the left side of my throat. In about five minutes I had stopped my pain. I felt as if God had handed me a pot of gold and I immediately thanked Him for it. My throat remained pain free for two hours, and the pain was in a milder form when it came back. I repeated the treatment, every two hours, during the day, and by morning the pain had completely disappeared. This experiment gave me new hope in finding a solution to my other health problems and a desire to share this therapy with others. Slowly I continued to read the book. Gradually I started to massage my hands and fingers in a certain way and began to feel less stress, pain, and stiffness in my body.

My ability to concentrate and comprehend improved, and my breathing was no longer strained. My recovery was progressive. Each day I felt better in every way, but I found that I couldn't miss a once daily treatment. I soon felt very well and started to practice on my family and friends with great results. My interest in health management led to a vocation in providing comprehensive care for patients. I prepared and dispensed medications, prepped and received surgery patients, cared for newborns and trained six months to be able to monitor and provide specialized patient care in the Coronary Care Unit. Following this training I decided to open an eight bed and bath personal care home, which I owned and operated for twelve years.

I used Reflex Therapy on a daily basis with my residents and also taught them to do their own therapy. I had such positive success that I decided to close my personal care home and open a Reflex Therapy clinic. In the beginning I asked God to send me only those he would have me see. A surprising number of those I met, regardless of age, sex, or race complained of digestive problems, light sensitivity, and poor sleep quality. I hadn't really faced that problem before and knew I had to find the answer.

Over a ten year period I researched and practiced Acupressure, Shiatsu Therapy, Jin Shin Do, and Myo-therapy. I also researched digestive problems, nutrition, immune system function, sleep disorders, and stress related illnesses. After years of study and practice, using all of the above therapies I found that, if done the right way, Reflex Therapy of the hands and feet gave the greatest results. Focusing again on Reflex Therapy I researched sensory responses of the hands and feet. I was encouraged to read that some researchers had referred to the hands as an executive officer of the brain. Recent research has shown that inflammation in the hands and fingers can affect other parts of the body by way of 'cross talk'. This inflammation may or may not be painful, but it can block nerve messages from the hands and spine to the brain, and vice versa. Such research shows that energy blockages in our fingers can and does affect the way our brain and body is able to function. This is most relevant when treating snoring problems since they arise from low or blocked energy in the body. I especially wanted to use Reflex Therapy to treat sleeping disorders. First I tried cutting rubber fingertips (cots) in half to put on the fingers and thumbs to stimulate the points that corresponded to the throat, nose and eyes. They helped a little but they were too tight. What I needed was a device made from a soft reflex material that would provide the necessary gentle stimulation. Plus it had to be hypo-allergenic, reusable and adjustable, and would work so one size fit all.

So with help from various manufacturers I was eventually able to create the ideal bandage device - the AcuRest™. The AcuRest™ devices are designed to embrace the thumbs and fingers to stimulate critical points so that the correct sensory responses can be sent back to the spine then brain then to the eyes, nose and throat so as to relieve and alleviate snoring issues. Thanks to God for my will and determination and His help in finding answers for my patients, and for making the AcuRest™ devices available to everyone.

Eula Mae Pollard

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